Real-time Information System for Sports

RataONE® is the world's smallest tracker device for cm-level satellite positioning and high accuracy telemetrics. With its rugged and fully waterproof design it is well suited for all outdoor sports. Easy deployment and system portability combined with straightforward end system integration make RataONE® the best and most flexible solution on the market today.

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Ease of Use

RataONE® system has been designed for maximum portability and effortless deployment.

  • Quick and simple system setup suitable for ad-hoc events
  • Intuitive user provisioning
  • Easy transportation and storage thanks to carrying case integration
  • Superior tool sets for competitions, racing and coaching
  • Highly customisable data elements for racing info and graphics
  • Data analysis and AI processing for trends and probabilities
  • Smooth integration to web channels, TV broadcasting, online betting etc.

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    RataONE System

    The RataONE® system is highly portable and easy to setup and deploy on site with no permanent installations necessary. It is designed for easy integration to TV sports broadcasting graphic overlays and web information channels.

    RataONE® deployment consists of tracker devices, charging units and one or more base stations. All equipment are built into carrying cases for easy transportation and storage. The base stations are fully self contained with their own battery and communication uplink.


    Features and Specifications

  • Position accuracy up to 1 cm
  • Smallest form-factor on the market - Dimensions 9.0 x 4.9 x 2.0 cm, Weight 60 g
  • Concurrent GNSS reception of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou satellite constellations
  • Map position, direction and speed, update rate 1-18Hz
  • Orientation, altitude and g-forces, update rate 100 Hz
  • Rugged and fully waterproof design
  • Wireless charging (0-100% @ 2.5h) for 20 trackers in one carrying case
  • Self contained Base stations (battery and uplink)
  • High speed local wireless network, zero millisecond roaming delay
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for optional peripherals (heart rate monitors, telemetry etc.)​