Precision Tracking System for Horse Racing

Based entirely on satellite data, the RataONE Tracking System boasts extreme accuracy, without any permanent installation on the racecourse, contrary to current tracking systems.

The system represents a technological breakthrough in the horse racing industry, as it enhances the customer experience and enables utilising the full potential of racecourses across the world.

RataONE® is the world’s smallest tracker device for centimeter level satellite positioning and high accuracy telemetrics. With its rugged and fully waterproof design it is well suited for all outdoor sports.

RataONE SYSTEM provides accurate data for the exact position of horses on track, distance between horses, sectional times and overall rankings. Speed and remaining distance is also measured with high accuracy.

OUR TRACKERS are small and lightweight making attachment of them easy. The devices are provisioned automatically reducing management overhead during the race.

RataONE DEPLOYMENT consists of setting up required base stations around the racecourse and providing the tracker units to the contenders. It is designed for easy integration to TV sports broadcasting and web information channels.


BROADCASTING COMPANIES are able to integrate into RataONE data feed enabling them to provide real-time information of the race.

BETTING COMPANIES benefit from timely racing data making it possible to develop new betting products.

SPECTATORS will enjoy the enhanced racing experience. The audience gets an enriched view into the ongoing race, making betting more immersive.

TRAINERS get the benefit of post performance analysis for improving their training methods for future races to come.


Partnering broadcasting stations receive a continuous ultra low latency data feed from the RataONE System. This enables them to overlay real-time graphics for TV broadcasting making the viewer experience more compelling and exciting.

EMBEDDED DATA from the RataONE system can be tailor made for each use case. The transmission is provided in raw format or preprocessed depending on need.

RANKING provides running order, speed & pace, distance left and location on the track.

SECTIONAL TIMES provides accurate sectional times in real-time for any portion of the racetrack.

SPEED & DISTANCE provides real-time and post race speed trends, fastest and slowest sectional times for any pre-given distances.


Highly accurate positioning and built-in inertia sensors combined with environmental sensing and optional heart rate monitoring provides a wide variety of data points to explore for new betting information.

RICH DATA entices to bet more by allowing to make more precise predictions. Sensor data can also be used by trainers, jockeys, drivers, and horse owners for a closer and more specific race analysis.

Typical data points of interest may consist of (but is not limited to) the following:

Preprocessed data

  • relative positions

  • distance metrics

  • top speeds and speed profiles

  • lap and sectional times

  • overall racing time

  • contender rankings

Raw data

  • time signature

  • race and contender id

  • position coordinates (true/screen)

  • speed and direction

HISTORY presents detailed statistics of the performance of each horse and driver or jockey.

PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS provides a wide variety of key values to compare contenders.

FORECASTING is possible with the help of smart algorithms and AI analysis.


RataONE® is highly portable and easy to setup and deploy on any racecourse. It is designed for easy integration with graphic overlays for broadcasting. The system enables quick data transfer to information channels.

THE SYSTEM consists of tracker devices, charging units and one or more base stations. All equipment is built into carrying cases for easy transportation and storage. The base stations are fully self contained with their own battery and communication uplink.


  • RTK/RTCM server
  • Data engine
  • Wifi 2.4 and 5 GHz concurrent
  • Ethernet 2 x 1000
  • 2 x modem (4G/5G) uplink
  • Case dimensions 46 x 34 x 17 cm
  • Power over Ethernet 802.3at PoE+
  • Battery powered


  • Charging briefcase for 20 Trackers
  • Wireless charger (WPC)
  • Tracker Safemode with true power off
  • Case dimensions 46 x 34 x 17 cm


  • Precision position tracking with heading and speed
  • Precise up to 1.1 cm with accuracy ~ 25 cm
  • Data update rate 1-10Hz (up to 18Hz GPS only)
  • 100Hz IMU with movement, orientation, g-forces and steps
  • Air pressure and temperature sensors
  • Zero Latency radio link
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for peripheral integration
  • Wireless charging (0-100% @ 2.5h)
  • Rugged and fully waterproof design, 4 indication LEDs
  • Dimensions 95 x 40 x 20 mm, weight 60 g


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